Monday, 3 March 2014

Well here it is. I finally gave in and on the sage advice of a Mr Bates, made my very own blog. 'It's cathartic' he told me.

Well we shall see about that, but I suspect he is right. You are unlikely to find fisking here, Jo does that. Nor are you going to find reviews and sleuthdom, Matt does that. Christopher Snowden and Dick Puddlecote have intensely well researched libertarian observation covered, and no one can break down the absurdities of regulation like Clive Bates can.

Me? You are just going to get what I think and tomorrow morning I will put up my first proper entry. A letter I wrote to the wider world a while ago which niggles at me each time I turn on my laptop.

"What was the point in writing me if no one is going to read me?"

Well, I assume it is the letter I can hear in my head and not just 'some other voices'.

Guess we will find out in the morning when I put it up.