Thursday, 2 October 2014

Just for fun

I happened to notice that it is World Poetry Day today, so thought I would join in & penned this little ditty.

Dear Public Health, I know you are listening
We are trying to help but your attitude's blistering.
There are good ones among you,
Not even that scarce,
It's time you embraced us,
Not feed us to bears.

The bears are Big T and Big Pharma too,
Your own ideology aligns with the WHO.
But we are your charges,
For us you must care,
Our health should come first,
It's one thing we share.

We are not addicts nor are we trolls,
But this story rolls on oh it rolls & it rolls.
We promise to be reasonable,
Do you promise too?
There's a lot to be gained here,
And too much to lose.

So smoker or vaper we are using our voice,
What we ask for is simple, what we ask for is choice.
Harm reduction is obvious,
When you open your eyes.
Take a breath & dive in,
And stop with the lies.

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